Eric Clapton – “Unplugged” For Real?

Eric Clapton – MTV Unplugged FULL concert – HQ

Look at this!

A whole concert of Eric Clapton unplugged on the acoustic guitar? From what I can tell, it does indeed look unplugged meaning, no pickups. I could be wrong but to my ears it does indeed sound acoustic (hey, if I’m wrong please correct me on this!!!) .
And even with the band being so large, they’re not playing LOUD which would definitely destroy the delicate balance of the acoustic guitars.

The YouTube description also has the times and song list (just in case you want to skip around.

Here it is….

16 January 1992 at Bray Film Studios in Windsor, England for MTV Unplugged
“Signe” (Clapton) — 0:0
“Before You Accuse Me” (McDaniel) — 3:14
“Hey Hey” (Broonzy) — 7:12
“Tears in Heaven” (Clapton/Jennings) — 10:41
“Lonely Stranger” (Clapton) — 15:55
“Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out” (Cox) — 21:20
“Layla” (Clapton/Gordon) — 25:10
“Running on Faith” (Williams) — 29:39
“Walkin’ Blues” (Johnson) — 36:05
“Alberta” (Traditional) — 40:00
“San Francisco Bay Blues” (Fuller) — 44:55
“Malted Milk” (Johnson) — 48:20
“Old Love” (Clapton/Cray) — 52:00
“Rollin’ and Tumblin'” (Waters) — 59:35

This video was so popular, they even have a Wikipedia write up about it!

Here’s the players:Eric Clapton – lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Katie Kissoon – backing vocals
Tessa Niles – backing vocals
Andy Fairweather Low – acoustic guitar, harmonica
Nathan East – acoustic bass, backing vocals
Steve Ferrone – drums
Ray Cooper – percussion
Chuck Leavell – keyboardsJames Barton – engineer

On thing that was a little frustrating was the delay time of the vid and the audio. At the beginning it wasn’t noticeable  but as it went on it was so off..   I don’t know if you had the same problem… maybe it’s on my end.


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