Tony Rice & Ricky Skaggs: Less is More

I thought this was a fitting song to show this Easter Morning,

It’s the duo of Ricky Scaggs and Tony Rice with the song “The Soul of Man Never Dies.”

In case you don’t know and want to get into this “soulful” style of music a little more, these two bluegrass icons made an album of just duet brother style songs back in 1980 which featured only guitar and mandolin as backup. An example of a brother style duet would be the Louvin Brothers who were also just mandolin and guitar.

The “Scaggs and Rice” album is considered as standard work which everyone in bluegrass music knows and has heard.

On this video, I will admit that the performance although very good, is not as good as the album itself. Now I know what you are thinking but trust me, back in 1980 you were able to do overdubs and some razor edits with the tape, but their performances on the album is live, and performed just about the same way you see in this video. The advantage of the studio is, if you don’t like the take then just do another one.

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I also want to point out that this recording is on vinyl. Anyone know if there is a CD version? (maybe I didn’t look well enough on Amazon…

My Pal Arthur Goldstein found this on CD. I was thrown off by the new cover!


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