Betsy Rome, Dan Carlucci, Korey Brodsky: Whiskey Before Breakfast

Betsy Rome, Dan Carlucci, Korey Brodsky: Whiskey Before Breakfast

Here’s a famous bluegrass song written by Norman Blake and performed at a show called “Fabulous Guitar Night” that happened a couple of years ago up in Connecticut featuring the above players.

I hope Dan and Korey don’t mind but I’m gonna focus on guitarist Betsy Rome here.

Betsy currently plays in a band called “Too Blue” that has really made some waves in this last year or two. Besides playing a lot of their local events and such, they have also been playing a lot of the bigger festivals including Grey Fox.

Betsy is an excellent flatpicking guitarist that has deep traditional roots with a lot of Clarence White, Norman Blake and Doc Watson influences.  But Betsy also plays the swing… and her band Too Blue also as well, does a great mix of bluegrass and swing.  When I first met Betsy, it was at a jam session at the Joe Val festival. I thought, “wow, great tone and it’s cutting through all those banjos and such (powerful right hand technique). Turns out she is playing an old D18, and with high action to boot. I picked up her guitar and wondered how she was able to play it…

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