Jimmy Robinson: Whole Lotta Tappin Goin’ On

Jimmy Robinson, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, 2012

Here’s an example of someone taking the tapping and giving it a boost…

A boost…?

Well, let’s call this a big jolt!

Jimmy Robinson  has a different slant on the tapping..

He’s able to make some unique sound effects with his guitar that I haven’t heard before. One of them a slide down on a low string which almost sounds like a whale call. It’s way too cool.

Now this video only 1,200 views? What is up with that? Should have some more zeros for this  performance.

But I’m not the only one raving about his playing…

Here’s some quotes about Jimmy that were listed on his website

 “Nothing short of brilliant….”
                 – Georgianne Nienaber, The Huffington Post
  “Rich and fluent…gorgeous…a revelation…”
                   – Keith Spera, New Orleans Times Picayune
 “Jimmy astounds on 6 and 12 string guitars with a
   dazzling virtuoso style that is unique and original.
                                           – Don Sechelski, Muse’s Muse
Check out some of his other tunes here


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