Paul Reynolds: Journeyman Blues

Paul Reynolds: Journeyman Blues

Here’s an example of someone that can really play and only has 47 YouTube views with his video. Let’s see if we can give that a boost!

Paul Reynolds is a seriously good guitar player, and it’s obvious that years of experience has given him all of the nice legit chord voicings that accompany his playing.

I love the tone he is getting out of his guitar big time… great fundamental sound …and you know it’s coming mostly from his pickup and amplified into the room. I’d love to know what he is using?

Other than his great smooth tone and in depth knowledge and chord voicings, the only thing that I thought was unnecessary was the percussive guitar tapping. I hope he wasn’t doing this just because… he certainly doesn’t need to!

The YouTube description says: “Live Concert at Wycliffe Barn, Kingscote, UK.” At first, I thought this was filmed at home, but then at the end you hear some clapping. Guess they have very small rooms to play at in the UK.

Great going Paul, you are the type of guitarist that I personally like to listen to…

Here’s another video of Paul Reynolds along with Kit Hawes who is also a fine player. The audio is not so good but you get a good idea of the skills this duo has- The video is long but has a lot of clips of individual songs. Stay with it, there’s good stuff all the way through.

Special thanks go to Pauline Sellars for sharing this video with us over at our facebook site.


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