Mark Kroos: Dueling Himself with Dueling Banjos

Mark Kroos Plays Dueling Banjos From Deliverance by Himself:

What happens when your banjo player can’t make it to the gig? Well, you break out the double neck guitar and play both parts of Dueling Banjos by yourself. And that’s exactly what Mark Kroos did in this video…

Just when I thought I’d seen it all… hum….

I’m supposing the builders of this instrument didn’t intend it to be used like this
but you know, it’s calling out for such a thing.

With the new tapping style of guitar, playing on two necks at the same time is now possible.

We just did a write up on the tapping style and FYI, it’s actually centuries old.

Pretty much everything that’s come out new really has been accomplished before-
but certainly not like this.

If you recall years ago, Stanley Jordan created something similar with one guitar. It was amazing of course but I did hear a lot of negative comments like “Sounds like two average guitarists playing together.”

In this video and as impressive as it is, there are a couple of times that Mark kind of stumbles over a section or two. With the degree of difficulty I suppose I can brush over it.  It certainly makes for an impressive video production and Mark Kroos would be someone fun to watch live. But a recording of this? I don’t know…

What do you think? Would you buy one of his CD’s?


Thanks go to Paul Canham, Walt Birdwell and John Carlini for simultaneously sending me the link to this video.




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