Glenda Faye: Orange Blossom Special

Glenda Faye: Orange Blossom Special

I remember my former boss fiddle legend Vassar Clements telling me about Glenda Faye.

He said she was a fine flatpicking guitarist that he did some sessions with back in the 80’s.

This video which I don’t really consider a video, was definitely worth posting for two reasons…

One I got to hear her play of course and two, got to finally hear what Vassar did on this recording.

If you haven’t noticed, there’s not a whole lot of women that flatpick the guitar, so I was excited to find this, even though it’s just photos.  Someone recently asked me if I could name some women flatpicking guitarists… well, I know Muriel Anderson is one of them, or at least she started out flatpicking. My friend Betsy Rome who plays in the band “Too Blue” is also a fine flatpicking guitarist. I guess that’s a good question to ask here… does anyone know of a good woman flatpicker?

Glenda Faye: Orange Blossom Special: YouTube Description:

“Glenda Faye is a fine flatpicker who used to work in the Grand Ol’ Opry stage band, Porter Wagoner’s band, maybe others. I really enjoy the one record she made called “Flatpickin’ Favorites”, a Flying Fish release from 1987. Looked at eBay today and found that it has just come out on CD. Check out the “hired Help”:

Personnel: Glenda Faye (lead guitar), Bill Monroe (mandolin), Vassar Clements (fiddle), Jesse McReynolds (mandolin), Bobby Thompson (banjo, rhythm guitar), Roy Huskey, Jr. (bass) and Nancy Given (snare drum). ts (fiddle), Jesse McReynolds (mandolin), Bobby Thompson (banjo, rhythm guitar), Roy Huskey, Jr. (bass) and Nancy Given (snare drum).glenda faye orange blossom special with vassar”



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