Anthony Hannigan & Grant Gordy: Big Mon

Here’s a video featuring my pal Anthony Hannigan & David Grisman Quintet guitarist Grant Gordy playing the Monroe song “Big Mon.”

Anthony Hannigan and I have been playing and recording music for a long time and originally met on a project with Vassar Clements (Anthony if you are reading this.. I will call you soon to set up the studio session we were supposed to do this winter… ah,, you know how it goes bro!). Anthony on a lark drove to Winfield in 1999, entered the mandolin contest and won. I also look forward to more gigs this year with him- he is insane on his mandolin!

Grant Gordy, who had his own band is now the guitarist for the David Grisman Quintet. As you can hear, Grant does a lot of cool embellishments on Big Mon, and a lot of them are jazzy by nature…. perfect for Grisman who likes his guitarists to be rooted in bluegrass but capable of playing jazz (hence Dawg Music).

I’d like to thank John Carlini for reminding me of Grant- he was meeting Grant this weekend in the city (New York) and I thought, why not post a Grant Gordy video?


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