John Jorgensen & Brad Davis: American Gypsy

This video starts out with a long but entertaining intro by John Jorgensen with Brad Davis just looking on.

And when the song finally kicks in, Brad is just gonna play rhythm for John throughout the song. A slight  disappointment – I would have loved to hear Brad take one.

Well, there’s more of these videos which does feature Brad, as this was filmed at the  Takamine Guitar Clinic in Guitar Trader – San Diego, CA back in 2010.

Speaking of Takamine Guitars, both Brad and John regularly play theirs so, this is a real endorsement and not just two great guitarists saying they “Like” Takamine Guitars.

As far as the soloing here, John Jorgensen is quite a unique guitarist that can do a lot of things on the guitar- extremely versatile. He’s most noted for being a founding member of the Hellecasters and the Desert Rose Band, and also played for the Elton John band (six years).

As far as his gypsy style acoustic playing… of all the gypsy guitarists out there, John was chosen to portray Django Reinhardt in a new movie entitled “Head in the Clouds.”



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