Dan Merritt – immeRsion

Here’s Dan Merritt with a song entitled immeRsion.

Dan who hails from East Hartford, Connecticut sounds and has been influenced a lot by tapping fingerstyle players like Micheal Hedges & Preston Reed…

This video is very good with solid videography and excellent sound. The different camera shots implies that this was not a live performance with the audio recorded first (hey, that’s okay, I don’t think anyone will notice or complain).

Here’s the YouTube description:

“So my friends took this HD video of me. I put a bunch of work into this song. And i think this video reflects it greatly. I cannot thank them enough for their beautiful work.

This song will be one of 4 on my self-titled 1st cd. You can get it starting January 2013, if you so choose. I can’t put the amount of happy I am into words. This video is the start of my career. If you like what you see/hear please subscribe! More will come!

If you would like to download this song, or my self titled, 4 song demo, Please visit:


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