Eric Clapton Guitar Review: Prefers a “Basic Guitar”

Here’s Eric Clapton doing a review of the limited edition Martin Crossroads guitars. These guitars are a partnership that Eric has with Guitar Center and C.F Martin- guitars that are to Eric’s personal specifications.

When trying these beauties out, it seems he is digging the one on his left (that would be our right). He says that it’s a little louder to his ears than the other.

He says that the guitars are “perfect,” but it that a good thing?
Eric goes on to say that he prefers a basic guitar, similar to the D28 that he traveled with back in the 70’s. He could beat it up… and use it as a tool. These guitars are more “showey” he says, and owning one of these would make you want to “take good care of it”.

Eric then switches gears and starts to talk about his career and desirable guitars he came in contact with along the way. He says that proper guitars or the best ones in his opinion are the easiest to play, and eventually after years, he got one…

Eric focused on the 30’s and 40’s guitars as he said the earlier Martin 45’s from the turn of the century were harder to play.

So for his specifications, you bet the people over at Martin made sure these two guitars for his review were in that 30’s/40’s style and of course-  well set up with low action!

“These particular guitars are available in three versions: a 000-28EC Madagascar Rosewood, a 000-45EC Madagascar Rosewood, and a 000-45EC Brazilian Rosewood available at Guitar Center on March 21, 2013.”


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