Grace Sheppard, age 13 Performs Spatter the Dew

By Jim Weaver:

“Just for a lark I searched “Spatter the Dew” on YouTube just now. For 11 yrs only David Russell’s 1998 video showed up. My search just now found over a dozen, including this one from Arizona.”

Well, Jim, nice find.

Grace Sheppard has amazing abilities at any age, and she’s only 13?

Usually these kid virtuoso videos get a lot more views

but maybe it’s because it’s classical?

For some reason, people just don’t appreciate it as much… say compared to a pop remake song.

Bet if Grace were to do that, she’d have a million views. But personally the classical training is going to give her a lot more skills than if she was working out pop tunes.

This song Spatter The Dew, was performed live at University of Arizona Museum of Art on July 27, 2012


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