Christoffer Brandsborg: Chasing Rhythms “Original”

Here’s guitarist Christoffer Brandsborg with a song entitled “Chasing Rhythms,” an original song he wrote for his lap tapping style of guitar.

It seems like this style of guitar may be taking over- as opposed to other guitar techniques, as I see more younger people doing the tapping than I do using a pick, or even fingerpicking.

Is that a good thing?

Well it’s a giant innovation on the guitar, and makes it possible to play a lot more notes that using a pick or even fingerpicking. Think about it, two hands and 10 fingers, as opposed to one hand and 4 fingers. Obviously the sound is completely different, but with some decent electronics and light gauge strings, there’s a lot of notes laid out for you, almost like a piano.

Watching this video, check out the mic technique- two mics positioned approximately at a 110 degree angle. This is the right way to utilize a stereo combination as no phasing is going to occur from picking up the same sound source. If you were playing the guitar in a conventional style, the left mic would be aimed at the bridge, and the right mic aimed around the 12th fret. In this instance, the microphones are sideways, and this is gonna work well, especially if Christoffer is trying to eliminate as much “tapping noise” as possible- a good call if you are trying to stereo mic a lap tap guitar.

That’s not all Chtistoffer is doing right, his playing is excellent as well.

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