Miloš Karadaglic “Granada” Live on Soundcheck

My wife Lucy is about to graduate from her nursing school.

It’s beyond tough- this last year she has had to dedicate most of her life to studying.

But she will tell you that the best thing to help her concentrate is classical music.

So, with the direct cable, every morning she has both TV’s on opposite sides of the house turned on. I got to say, this is far better than when the kids were living with us.

One of the guitarist I’ve heard on the station was Miloš Karadaglic, and I thought, how beautiful is this playing. I of course went in search and found a bunch of his videos- this one is probably my favorite.

If you like the classical guitar, classical music or just want to concentrate and/or get smarter… perhaps you have a classical station that you can listen to. Or if you are enjoying Miloš Karadaglic, here’s a link to check out. Poke around as well, he’s got a lot of music there.


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