Julio Silpitucla: “My heart will go on”

Her’es Julio Silpitucla, Acoustic guitarist from Merlo, Argentina with “My heart will go on.”

Well, we’ve featured Julio here before at Acoustic Guitar Videos when he was a little younger and you know what?

He really has gotten a lot better!

This kid has a bright future for sure and in my opinion is the real deal that’s only gonna get better and better.

Now, I had to worst time trying to find out any bio information, so once again if you know anymore about Julio Silpitucla than I do (which isn’t much), than please do share it with us.

Julio as I perceive his playing, has already got some great tone going on. It’s only a matter of time when he develops some more chops and speed, as his hands are gonna get bigger.

The big question I would now ask is, how many hours a day is Julio practicing?



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