William Kanengiser as Ralph Macchio: What is Reality?

This is a video clip from the movie Crossroads staring Ralph Macchio… or in this case William Kanengiser, on guitar that is…

Now when I first saw this clip, I have to admit that I really thought that Ralph was indeed playing the guitar.

But then I started looking at some of the comments at YouTube, did a little digging and … well,  it’s not Ralph but guitarist William Kanengiser.

Now this got me thinking…
I’ve posted many hundreds of clips here at Acoustic Guitar Videos.

How can I (we) be sure that something like this isn’t happening on some of the awesome one’s we see?

Well, you (I) don’t know. Truth is, videos can be doctored up, mistakes can be edited out without anyone (even a pro videographer or music editor) noticing a thing.

Honestly, I find this quite unnerving….

But this clip is entertaining, especially when Ralph.. er… woops… William Kanengiser sticks the blues riff in at the end.

Here’s a write up review about the movie itself. I think I may have to get this over at Amazon… looks good!

“The legend of Mississippi blues master Robert Johnson has served as a fountainhead for generations of blues and rock musicians, as well as a powerful fable for the dark, often violent mysteries of delta blues. Johnson’s mythic deal with the Devil, in exchange for his extraordinary musical gifts, has become a fixture in blues lore and an example of the enduring pull of superstitions that can be traced back to Mother Africa and Yoruba deities. Producer-director Walter Hill (The Long Riders, Streets of Fire) sought to put this uniquely American mystery on film, but when he was unable to secure a script devoted directly to Johnson himself, Hill bravely decided to proceed with a more oblique, allegorical story that retold the Satanic bargain through a fictionalized drama set in the present day. In this 1986 feature, the hero is Eugene, a classically trained guitar virtuoso pulled toward the earthier powers of blues. When he stumbles across a lost blues legend, Willie Brown (a real blues figure and Johnson peer known for his partnerships with Charley Patton and Son House, among others), Eugene begins an odyssey back to the delta country and the crossroads of the title, where both Willie and Johnson had traded their souls for blues power, to help the surviving bluesman renegotiate terms.

Eugene Martone (Ralph Macchio, The Karate Kid & The Karate Kid Part II) struggles with the devil and his destiny when he goes down to theCrossroads in this contemporary drama. With a potent blend of adventure, romance, and music, the film takes gifted young guitarist Martone into a dangerous and challenging new world. Obsessed with unlocking the mysteries of the blues, the fledging musician finds cantankerous Willie Brown (Joe Senaca), a master of the blues harmonica, and frees him from prison. The unlikely duo hobos from New York to Mississippi as Martone searches for runaway Frances (Jami Gertz, Quicksilver). With a rich mixture of Delta blues and driving rock produced by Ry Cooder, the film takes Martone and Brown on an intense odyssey that leads them to a dramatic climax at the Crossroads.” Read More Here

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