Bryan Forrest: “Nag’s Head Rag”

HRMUSIC TV presents Newport News Virginian guitarist Bryan Forrest playing his original ragtime-inspired tune “Nag’s Head Rag.” Catch Bryan and other great Hampton Roads, VA artists at Hampton Roads Music TV

Thanks Bryan for sharing this video with us..

Love it, and great playing and what a great sound Bryan is getting out of his guitar.


“Bryan Forrest is a Virginia-based singer-songwriter. As a composer his music has been featured on MTV’s “The Real World” as well as in theater productions throughout Hampton Roads, Virginia. 

A professional musician for 27 years, Forrest launched his career in the critically acclaimed pop-rock trio The Lift. From 1982 to 1992, The Lift performed frequently around Virginia and released two albums, Nearly Gear! and Oh, Bother. In 1994, Forrest’s next band, Big Daddy, released its only album, Lookout Mountain. 

In 1997 Forrest’s song “Must Be Feeling Good” was featured on MTV’s “The Real World.” Over his career he has opened for many national recording artists, including Ellis Paul, John Hiatt, and Adrian Belew. 

Opening with the captivating, radio-friendly “Let’s,” through the thought-provoking and elegant “Prayer for Wandering Sheep,” Proverbial Shine is both musically intricate and lyrically compelling while remaining accessible to a wide audience. Most of the tracks were engineered and mixed at the renowned Bias Recording Studios in Springfield, Va. It was produced by Forrest and Mike Griffith. “  read more


Nag’s Head Rag and a lot more from Bryan are available here at Amazon:


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