Jake Shimabukuro: Ukulele Virtuoso

Norm Miller shared this video with us and writes:

“Forget Don Ho! This kid has single handedly made the Ukulele cool again!”

Well, yea, this is not a guitar but I think you will all appreciate how good Jake Shimabukuro is on Ukulele.

Really, this is not that much different than a high tuned classical nylon string guitar, but tuned in 4ths. Besides using a lot of the newer techniques similar to one’s used by fingerstyle guitarists, I really like the sounds that Jake gets when he does a backwards strum… sounds like a harp at times.

Here’s what the YouTube description said:

“Ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro playing a mind-blowing rendition of his favorite George Harrison song, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” in the KPLU Seattle Studios on March 29, 2011. 

An earlier recording of Shimabukuro playing this very tune in central park went viral in the early days of YouTube and opened many doors in his career.” 

Jake has  a lot of CD’s available at Amazon- you can click on this link below and you can check out all of his material plus reviews.


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