Tracy Grammer and Jim Henry, “1952 Vincent Black Lightning”

By Jim Weaver:

“A classic Richard Thompson song from the ’60’s. Good flat picking by Jim Henry. Nice new Martin sunburst being played by Tracy.”

Well, this is some nice sounding guitar like you said Jim. But I had no idea who this duet was so….

Tracy Grammer is an American folk singer known for her work as half of the folk duoDave Carter and Tracy Grammer and for the solo career that she has continued sinceCarter’s death.[1] She released three albums with Dave Carter during his lifetime, at first doing instrumental work and providing backing vocals, and then, by their last album together, singing lead vocals on half of the tracks. Two albums by the duo have been released following Carter’s death. She has also released three solo recordings, some of which have included previously unreleased songs by Carter.

Born in Homestead, Florida, Grammer was raised in Southern California and began her musical journey on a borrowed violin at the age of 9. She came from a musical family. Her father, Jim Grammer, played acoustic, electric, and lap steel guitars. Distant relation Leo Fortin played violin and was best known for playing double-trumpets in Lawrence Welk’s orchestra. She earned a degree in English from the University of California, Berkeley.

Following Dave Carter’s death in 2002, Tracy Grammer made the decision to play solo at several of the dates that they had scheduled, most notably an engagement at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. Taking into account Carter’s expressed wish that eventually she would sing all of the songs, she continued playing Carter’s music. She has continued to tour solo, and has released three solo albums. The first, The Verdant Mile, is an EP containing her first original composition, the title track, a eulogy for Carter.

Her second solo release, Flower of Avalon, consists of ten tracks, nine of which were written by Carter before his death, and one of which is a traditional folk song arranged by William Jolliff. The album was co-produced by Grammer and John Jennings. Featured artists include Mary Chapin Carpenter, who provided many backing vocals, and Jim Henry, Grammer’s touring partner and Signature Soundslabel mate.” read more

And now Jim Henry…

Jim Henry is an American folk singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He started out as a member of the Sundogs, a New England “swamp-boogie-swing” band, in the late 1980s. In 1993, he released his first solo album, Into the Blue. He has toured withMark Erelli, Deb Talan, and The Burns Sisters, and has added instrumental parts to hundreds of albums. He toured for many years withTracy Grammer and his accompaniment has appeared on both her solo albums. The two met for the first time at their first gig, unrehearsed. He is also a music producer and sound engineer. ” see more here


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