Preston Reed – Tractor Pull

I got to admit, I just love when I find a new guitar virtuoso..

Preston Reed falls into that category for sure.

This video is from a live Preston Reed gig at the Mission City Coffee Roasting Co., Santa Clara, CA. on October 14, 2011  with a song entitled “Tractor Pull.”

Now Preston’s guitar has got to be set up with very low action and light gauge strings.

It’s probably the reason I’m not able to do this style (using a Martin D-18 with mediums and high action).

So you can just throw out all the rules with this style- it’s more like a piano to me than a guitar at this point.

But that’s what’s so cool… imagine if we heard something like this in the 40’s or 50’s?

If you want to hear more from Preston, he’s got a bunch of CD’s available at Amazon…

Here’s the links: 


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