Biréli Lagrène Trio – Jazz in Marciac Gers France- 2010

I remember when I first started to branch out from just listening to Bluegrass players..

I went to the store and bought three records- John McLaughlin, Chick Coria (acoustic with Al DiMieola) and Biréli Lagrène.

And although I can really appreciate the electric guitar, it’s the acoustic that I’m really attracted to.

So sharing with you this video is kind of like reminiscing for me, although this video is fairly recent and, I think Biréli is actually a lot better than he was way back then.

This video features the Biréli Lagrène Trio – Jazz in Marciac Gers – France 2010

with Biréli Lagrène – guitare
Frank Wolf – saxophone
Jürgen Attig – bass


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