Mikhail and Jake: Got Rhythms

Mikhail Asanovic shared this video with us over at https://www.facebook.com/AcousticGuitarVideos/

I’m not gonna even guess what kind of music this is…

And the sound of this is awful, obviously some technical problems.

But the playing and the rhythms by Mikhail and Jake is just so unique, I had to put it up.

The YouTube description said the following:

“Incredible performance at The Old Duke in Bristol by these up and coming geniuses playing acoustic guitar.”

Is that Bristol, as in Bristol Tennessee? Well, you see what I’m up against sometimes… not a whole lot to go on.

So I started looking and couldn’t find much of anything on Mikhail and Jake…

Anyone out there that has some info… you know… I’m really needing some help here!

Personally, I could spend an evening with a few drinks and listen to these guys- very enjoyable.


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