Stefano Barone: Orchestra of Sound

My guitar pickin’ buddy Gary Reed shared this video with me this morning…

Stefano Barone – Batman – Alexander Supertramp

Thanks Gary, and this of course is some cool guitar tapping and performance that uses a lot of cool digital guitar effects, Mainly a TC Electronics “g-natural” effects processor. There’s more info about it down below. This and Stefano’s tapping technique makes his one guitar sound like an orchestra of sound .

Here’s a short interview of Stefano Barone that was done over at fingerstyleguitarist .com

“Early life, personal background, etc?

I was born in Naples, a city ‘where the music lives on every street corner.
My parents listened to and played such beautiful music, so I lived with it a daily and natural.
I began studying the piano at 11 years but I was not a prodigy …

What lead you to the guitar?

Thieves hit home, took all the tools but they left an old guitar.
I did not have much choice. 🙂

Your amazing piece, Alexander Supertramp / Batman, has achieved pretty significant Youtube success, breaking the 2mm view mark. Mind discussing what inspired you to write it?

I wrote this song after seeing “Into the Wild,” a film directed by Sean Penn and based on the story of Christopher McCandless. I have forwarded more specific searches, and I was very inspired by his story.Christopher called himself Alexander Supertramp.

What effects/gear did you use for that song?

In the youtube video i use a tc electronic g-natural. The effects are a compressor, a ping pong delay (stereo) and hall reverb.” read more here

The article also says this about Stefano and his CD:

“The new work is called Danze Altalenanze and will come out on April 17 with the Candyrat Records. An electro acoustic project with different directions, focusing on pholyrhythm, played with an acoustic guitar. I will not reveal much because I’m superstitious!  ” 

Check out here….


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