Eric Skye and Tim Connell – I Am A Pilgrim

Here’s guitarist Eric Skye accompanied by mandolinist Tim Connell with the song Clarence White made famous for bluegrass musicians-  ” I Am A Pilgrim”

Both Eric and Tim are excellent musicians and they really do this song justice and in the spirit for which it was intended. Since this Acoustic Guitar Videos, I’m going to focus in on Eric… (maybe we should start Mandolin Videos website?)

About Eric:

“Pacific Northwest acoustic guitarist Eric Skye occupies a unique niche. Most often billed as a jazz guitarist, Skye actually plays in an eclectic and original style, with a range of influences from bluegrass, to blues, to vintage funk, even a little classical guitar… all threaded together with a healthy respect for the groove” see more

On this video, Eric plays some very cool stuff which includes some floaters and some out of the box arpeggios that are not so common in bluegrass music. The sound of his guitar is also fantastic (Santa Cruz) but not something you would see a lot of flatpickers choosing. These small bodied guitars really pack a powerful punch, and it’s a wonder it’s not used more often.

I personally loved this video because it’s not such a big production….you know it’s real/ live playing. This video however doesn’t have a lot of viewings … I think Eric and Tim deserve more so, let’s see what we can do by sharing this video and liking it.







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