Werner Lämmerhirt – Let Me Not Be

Here’s fingerpicking guitarist Werner Lämmerhirt with what I’m hoping is the title to his song…”Laß mich nicht stehen” (Let Me Not Be) that was filmed at a concert in Gross-Zimmern in March 2009.
Well this is pretty awesome playing by Werner who as you may have guessed is from Germany. He’s smooth, solid and clean with great rhythmical sense and timing.
Now what’s interesting is, he is performing what I would call a typically American blues style song, but here, Werner is singing in German!
I can’t say that I have ever heard the blues in another language. (hey, good for him).
Now if you are digging this vid, do share with your friends as Joachim Haßdenteufel did with us over at our facebook page.
By the way, Joachim also wrote this about Werner…
“This guy’s a great guitarist that even John Carlini though was worth watching.”
Thanks Joachim, if Mr. Carlini is endorsing it well now….

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