Eugenio Polacchini & Matteo Minozzi: Bruskers Guitar Duo

Blane Ebersold sent this into our facebook site recently and writes:

“The Bruskers Duo (Matteo Minozzi and Eugenio Polacchini) are an amazing guitar duo from Italy.”

Well well, this is certainly is as Blane describes-

This particular song entitled “Fragile” is originally a Sting song (you know, the bass player and lead singer from the group The Police.

I think a lot of people here are gonna hit the like button with this one!

For more info on the Bruskers Guitar Duo, check out the following links:

Free TABS, sheetmusic and more on:
Bruskers Guitar Duo play “Fragile”, by Sting.
You can buy our music on: (for physical cd)


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