Riley P. – Kendrick Lamar Swimming Pools + Wiz Khalifa Acoustic Mix

Here’s what I call a “raw and real” video which features artist Riley Parker performing a mixture of popular songs on his acoustic. In this video, a medley of sorts which includes Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools” and Wiz Khalida Acoustic Mix.

I personally am not familiar with these songs but my grandson who is 13 was all too familiar.

These are the type of videos that can go viral-

It’s because people under a certain age share music a lot more than say older people past 50 (my scenario).

But my mind is not closed and I like what Riley P. is doing, especially given the fact that this is not an overproduced video. My hat is off for him- he has a good voice!

Share this with someone (that’s preferably young) and they will probably thank you for it and think you’re cool or something…

Here’s a little info + contact:
Shot by Dario Hernandez
follow @lightmydank


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