Korean Sensation Sungha Jung: Duets

Brian Yach sent this video into our facebook site that features the internet phenom guitarist Sungha Jung, who not only has made waves digitally but has performed with the likes of  guitar guru Tommy Emmanuel.
Without giving you a giant bio background on Sungha, this video features two guitars…
As you can see Sungha goes into some lead single not playing midway through the song.
It’s obviously pre- recorded but the playing is very nice and clean.

Here’s the album:

“The third album from young Korean guitarist Sungha Jung is his first collaboration with five of the premier Japanese finger-style guitarists. Sungha is only 16 but has already played in concerts all over the world both with the very best guitarists and as a solo performer and has developed a huge international fan-base on YouTube, where he regularly shows his talent and his channel has had over 630,000,000 visits.

He just doesn’t ever disappoint. He plays with great maturity and rightfully shares the stage with the very best in his field. He also composes much of his own music and does most of his own arranging on the rest. I have watched him grow up and develop his talent on YouTube over the past 6 years and am in awe of his abilities. ” read more


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