Igor Presnyakov: Sweet Home Alabama

Here’s Sweet Home Alabama, the popular Lynyrd Skynyrd song performed and arranged on acoustic guitar by Igor Presnyakov.

We’ve featured Igor here before who is one of the internet’s “All Stars” with regard to the number of views he’s received on YouTube (giant numbers).

And when you listen to this, you’ll know why.

Igor gets it… not only with being able to pull off the melody and the rhythm at the same time, but the cadence of this song. Yea, I’m sure that a lot of fingerstyle players would cover the notes, but he’s got the groove going which to me is what makes Igor so special.

Back in the day when I was just getting started playing in the bar scene, Sweet Home Alabama was one of the most requested songs. There’s others too… I’m sure if you played the bar scene you probably heard the same ones…



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