Gabriella Quevedo Performs I’m Yours

Gabriella Quevedo  – excellent guitarist that is making some waves in the acoustic guitar world is here with a Jason Mraz song called “I’m Yours” which is arranged by Sungha Jung.

I’ll let you learn about Gabriella from here own writings:

“I was born in Sweden Jan 12, 1997. My dad – a guitarist with Argentinian roots – plays guitar all day long and I love to listen to his music. When I turned 12 I picked up my dad’s Yamaha and tried to play by myself. Indeed, playing guitar by myself is so much more fun and I continued to teach myself …

One day in Aug 2009 I found a video showing Sungha playing the guitar and I felt in love with this kind of guitar music: fingerstyle guitar! This guitarstyle indeed guided my life into another direction! My parents supported my talent and bought me my own instrument. Another Yamaha in shiny black color – like my fathers one – and with a cutaway too …

I really was happy with it and practised hours and hours every day, always listening and watching the video’s of Sungha or other Youtube heros. On Jan 24, 2010 I uploaded my first guitar video on Youtube, only one year after I have started with guitar in general and only three month after my decision: I want to become a professional fingerstyle guitarist !

In early Jan 2011 I received some smart tips from a Youtube friend in Germany and I was able to contact Sungha via his PR manager Dee Kim – just some days before Sungha was playing a gig in Sweden. “If you are going to visit Sungha’s gig in Växjö just ask you want to meet him and want to play with him on stage” this German friend was writing in an email and so I did …

Unbelievable … unreal … unexpected … a dream only … got an invitation to meet Sungha and his staff and got the chance to play on stage and together with him! This was another fantastic experience! My short one-day-meeting with Sungha again moved my musical life some big steps forward and so it goes. Due to my faily new internet attention in 2011 I was booked for some more gigs. To be the support act for Ulrik Munther was a lot of fun too as well some gigs in my hometown. Thank you folks for your visit personally or for your stay at my side virtually via my Youtube uploads.

In 2012 there is another big experience waiting for me: my first international gig !

On August 26, 2012 I am booked as the support act for Sungha Jung in Blomberg/Germany I look forward to this reunion with him so much! The day before I have got the chance to be on stage with Hansel Pethig ( YT HanzP ) in Lemgo/Germany. We both will celebrate fingerstyle guitar but apart of the gig I love to meet a lot of international friends face to face during these days. I will keep you informed via Youtube and Facebook of course :D. “  read more


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