Tommy Emmanuel: Brubeck Medley/Birth of the Blues

YouTube description:

“A few months ago, Tommy asked Reddit to suggest songs for him to arrange on guitar. The response was huge and very friendly!

So here is the second arrangement which is a medley of Dave Brubeck’s Blue Rondo A La Turk and Take Five, ending with Birth of the Blues.

(these were made for fun, sort of as a gesture of appreciation to all music lovers out there!)”

The famed Brubeck “Take 5” is named for the meter of the song, which is in 5/4.

So if you are to count it out, the downbeat being one, you will notice that the measure extends with 5 beats- hence the title.

Take 5 is not so easy even just playing the melody. But Tommy of course is playing the rhythm and the melody together here.

Other than giving Tommy all the complements in the world, what do you think about the guitar he is using? Anyone know what it is?

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