Eric Seehof: Johnny McKitten

Here’s fingerstyle guitarist Eric Seehof from Germany with a song I believe is called Johnny McKitten. I say “I believe” because I can’t exactly be sure. (I like the title, if indeed this is the title)

Eric sent this video into our sister site and gives a description of what he’s using to record: “played with a Larrivee LV 03 Sitka/Mahagony, Mics: Oktava MK 012 & T.Bone SC1100

The recording is a little dry, but these are the types of videos that many people want to see- you know….not a big production and a real performance instead of guitar lip syncing.

Eric plays in a band called “Crepes Sucette” and I found their bio on facebook and translated it from German:

“Luke and Eric met by chance in the University of Jena know and recognized soon after their common interest in music. After a successful spontaneous Open Stage performance at Café Wagner in Jena was clear for them to turn off the Erlebins more and founded Sucette crepes. Thomas and Eric have known each other since childhood and have jointly developed her interest in music. So it did not take long to know that Luke and Thomas learned. From then on, crepes Sucette complete and the first album “Sugar & Cinnamon” was recorded in May 2011. Several gigs in bars, street parties and everything else later was the plan for a European tour. The items were packed, train tickets and already worried it started: Street Music in Verona, Milan, Barcelona, ​​Nice, Toulouse and Paris” see more

Eric’s got a few other videos on YouTube- this one is new and doesn’t have that many views- let’s see if we can help him out a little by liking it here and sharing with your friends.


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