Simon and Simon??? Who Knew Paul Had A Brother?

Stewart Levett from (check his site out) found this video and sent it into us over at our sister facebook page.

This video that Stewart located in my opinion is priceless!

Who would have known that Paul Simon had a brother (and looked just like him!). Seriously, I can’t tell the difference. Maybe I’ve been in my cave too long? I just never knew he had a brother, and one that played!

Even the YouTube author missed this… So why the Garfunkel in the original YouTube title?

Here’s what he had to say:

“”Anji” (or “Angi” or “On gee”) is an acoustic fingerstyle guitar piece
composed and recorded in 1961 by noted folk guitarist Davey Graham. The
piece is one of the most well-known acoustic blues-folk guitar pieces ever
composed, with many notable artists covering it, including Bert Jansch,
Paul Simon and Harry Sacksioni. Anji is in the key of A minor (often used
with a capo) and is notable for its trademark descending bassline.

Parts of the song were sampled for the Chumbawamba track “Jacob’s Ladder”
from their album Readymades and the anti-war single “Jacob’s Ladder (Not
In My Name)”.

Simon & Garfunkel are an American singer-songwriter duo consisting of Paul
Simon and Art Garfunkel. They formed the group Tom & Jerry in 1957, and
had their first taste of success with the minor hit “Hey, Schoolgirl”. As
Simon & Garfunkel, the duo rose to fame in 1965, backed by the hit single
“The Sound of Silence”. Their music was featured in the landmark film The
Graduate, propelling them further into the public consciousness.

They are well known for their close vocal harmonies and sometimes unstable
relationship. Their last album, Bridge over Troubled Water, was delayed
several times due to artistic disagreements. They were among the most
popular recording artists of the 1960s; among their biggest hits, in
addition to “The Sound of Silence”, were “I Am a Rock”, “Homeward Bound”,
“A Hazy Shade of Winter”, “Mrs. Robinson”, “Bridge over Troubled Water”,
“The Boxer”, “Cecilia”, and “Scarborough Fair/Canticle”. They have
received several Grammys and are inductees in the Rock and Roll Hall of
Fame and the Long Island Music Hall of Fame (2007). They have reunited on
several occasions since their 1970 breakup, most famously for 1981’s The
Concert in Central Park, which attracted about 500,000 people.

In early 1967, Pickwick Records, which had a reputation as a low-quality
label, decided that it would capitalize on the duo’s newfound fame by
releasing an album titled The Hit Sounds of Simon and Garfunkel. This
album consisted of ten tracks recorded from the late 1950s and early 1960s
while the duo still called themselves Tom & Jerry, including their hit
“Hey, Schoolgirl”, and its B-side, “Dancin’ Wild”. Simon and Garfunkel
then sued Pickwick because the company was presenting the music as
recently-recorded material, not as songs written and released over five
years earlier. Soon afterwards, Pickwick withdrew The Hit Sounds of Simon
and Garfunkel from the market. On June 16, 1967, the duo performed at the
Monterey Pop Festival.

That same year, Simon and Garfunkel contributed heavily to the soundtrack
to Mike Nichols’ film The Graduate, which was released on January 21,
1967, and instantly rose to #1 as an album. According to a Variety article
by Peter Bart in the May 15, 2005 issue, Nichols had become obsessed with
Simon and Garfunkel’s music while shooting the film. Larry Turman, his
producer, made a deal for Simon to write three new songs for the movie. By
the time they were nearly finished editing the film, Simon had only
written one new song. Nichols begged him for more but Simon, who was
touring constantly, told him he didn’t have the time. He did play him a
few notes of a new song he had been working on; “It’s not for the movie…
it’s a song about times past—about Mrs. Roosevelt and Joe DiMaggio and
stuff.” Nichols advised Simon, “It’s now about Mrs. Robinson, not Mrs.
Roosevelt.”  read more here

With all that said, this is not Simon and Garfunkel…. but thanks for the history lesson.

How many of you knew that Paul had a brother?

And watching the two of them play, can you tell whose who?


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