Dan Grigor: Double Down On The Talent

Dan Grigor is quite a talented guy, not only with the 12 string  guitar, his voice and the blues, but videography.

At first when I saw this video I though “Where’s the third guy in The Green Screen Trio?” and then I noticed that his twin brother next to him (the guy on the right, or… hum the left, looked a little too much and played like Dan Grigor?

Well, the Green Screen Trio is an appropriate title for the band, as those of you that shoot videos will know that a green screen is a green backdrop to shoot videos with tremendous special effects such as we are seeing here.

And although this particular new video doesn’t have that many views, Dan Grigor has had some very successful videos posted to YouTube with some nice amounts of viewings (posted below).

Here’s the write-up of this particular video:

“Knuckleheads on Front Street is a brand-new venue in Temecula, where anything can happen and soon it will. The Green Screen Trio was down a man but the show must go on.
Specializing in great food and guitars, even the bread boards are little guitars. There is a guitar museum there and I will be playing every single one and making more videos. I promise.

Frank is dedicated to the blues and has created a new home where musicians can gather to play and great bands will slide through.

I was honored and privileged to be allowed in to shoot this before they opened and then Frank asked me to be the first act on the stage. On opening day, for the first lunch crowd my band, Live Music: Call For Info played a great acoustic set for the first show ever on the stage. It was delightful and I’ll have video up of that soon.”   read more


Here’s another Dan Grigor vid that has over 56,000 views


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