Oded Weiss: Live From Israel!

Here’s a a song entitled “Hamtana” by Oded Weiss that I knew in less than three notes I was gonna like!

Oded can really play… and he’s the type of guitarist that I appreciate, with all the great chord voicings and clean technique- whether schooled or self taught, he’s got it going on.

Now there’s not a whole lot on Oded as far as a bio I could find….  I know he’s from Yotvata Israel (hope I have the right Died Weiss) and was doing some farming and working in defense.

I think he should be playing the guitar.

The YouTube write up say’s the following:

“Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar, composed by Oded Weiss
Recorded @ NaaseVeNishma Studios, Israel”  see more

I know, not a lot to go on…

But maybe someone can chime in with more info… I think he’s really talented!


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