Django Reinhardt: Major Swing!

If you are a fan of Django and his Hot Club of France, then you are going to want to listen to this!

Yea, after listening to everything that Django and Stephan have ever done, including one of their most popular songs… “Minor Swing, ” this is like listening to something new.

Now isn’t it amazing… you change just one note and, well, what a difference. Sounds awful, I know but amazing nonetheless.

I guess Vassar Clements was right when he said “You’re never really are that far away from the right note,” in this case, just a 1/2 step.

Now the folks who have done this digital modification, are not going to tell anyone how they are doing it but… I use this same technology on out of tune vocals sometimes here in the studio.

Some people are saying that it’s done with track isolation…… but this is a mono recording….


My hat is off for the folks at Major Scaled TV-  this is a very cool idea- What I will say is, they are using a combination of technology and hard work to achieve this. This could take many hours to accomplish just one song, and they have done a super seamless job.


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