AMÓS LORA: 12 Year Old Records His First CD

Blane Ebersold shared this video with us at our facebook site and writes:

“Check out this 11-year-old with some serious Flamenco chops.”

Yes sir. this kid by the name of Amos Lora is some player!

This video was shot at an event called a  FLAMENCO MEETING.  at the SALAMANCA Convention Centre April 16, 2010

What’s happening with Amos today…?

Well, At the age of 12  Amós Lora releases his first CD.

Here’s what his web site says:

In 2012, he records his first CD, whith pianist “Diego Amador” as special guest. Based on his own repertoire, he shares two compositions, one with “Diego del Morao” and another with David Cerreduela. In the CD, there’s a comment by Paco de Lucía, highlighting Amos performance. 


Voice:  Antonio  Villar,  Cristo Heredia  & Rafita Jiménez
Guitar: Joni Jiménez, Quilino Jiménez
Sax: Ramón Cardo
Piano: Diego Amador
Cajón & percussion: Isidro Suarez, Ané Carrasco & Antonio Losada
Claps: David de Jacoba, Carlos de Jacoba, Antonio Villar, Ané Carrasco, Juan Grande & Fernandito de la Morena​  
read and see more

I heard a little of this CD and it’s awesome…!

Check it out:


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