Rhett Walker: “Simple Man” Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover

This is the Lynyrd Skynyrd song “Simple Man” performed solo by Rhett Walker.

You may be thinking while you are watching this…

This is not really an amazing acoustic guitar video?  Well, I’ve been getting a lot of requests over at  facebook.com/acousticguitarvideos to post singer/songwriter videos. So I made up a new category on the right (if you are interested, we have a few here).

With that said, Rhett is a good guitarist that is more than capable of playing solid rhythm and complementary melody lines. In fact, in the studio I find doing this style of guitar perhaps the most challenging… certainly more difficult than playing solos. And what about that guitar? A beauty I’d say.

Here’s a bio:

“Rhett Walker is not like any rising Christian musician you have met before or will meet again soon. The outspoken 25-year-old son of a preacher was born and raised around the South, his mellow yet animated voice a sure mix of Georgia and the Carolinas. In that drawl, he tells an intense wild oats story tempered by God’s grace, a testimony that fuels the deep-fried rock and deep- down worship on Rhett Walker Band’s debut, Come To The River.

Indeed, Rhett is a shining example of faith, family, and country values today—an experienced man who teaches that grace comes with a calling, a clear message in his transformative single “When Mercy Found Me.” But nearly a decade ago, no one would have predicted as much.

“We moved away from my hometown when I was 16, and I didn’t like that. I just went nuts, doing whatever I wanted to do in the moment,” he says. “I mixed with the rough crowd, got into fights and drugs. It wasn’t long before I was expelled from school—just always in trouble. So they sent me to this Christian school, the only one that would take me, and I met this girl. It wasn’t long after that we found out she was pregnant. That was the stop in the path for me.”

Walker grew up in church; he knew the answers to the questions on Sunday morning better than other kids. He’d gone on to play drums in the praise band, too, but generally just stopped caring. Presented with a ton-of-bricks reality at 17, Rhett could stay on the downward spiral or step up.

He stepped up.

“It was like, Man, what am I doing?” he remembers. “I’ve still got my senior year left, but I’ll have to leave this religious school where I’m high most of the time anyway. My girlfriend’s having a baby, and I have no job. I finally sat down with April, who is now my wife, and said: We’ve done everything wrong that we possibly can. Let’s do everything right from here on out.” see more


Special thanks got to Jay Roach for sharing this video over at our facebook site. If you have something of your own or a favorite of yours, I’d love to hear it. Just go ahead and post over there (thanks in advance!).

Here’s an Amazon link to Rhett Walker’s debut album… go over there and check out some of the reviews.


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