Willie Nelson: The Willie You Don’t Know

Here’s Willie Nelson on The Porter Wagoner Show, which dates way back before Willie had the long hair and the image he now has. Song’s he’s doing here are “She’s not for you,” Darkness On The Face Of The Earth,” and “Hello Walls.”

Willie really got started and and initially gained recognition for his writing skills with the above songs + standards like “Crazy,” which was a giant hit for Patsy Cline.

So at the time of this filming, Willie didn’t have the big success we’ve all come to know. No long hair, no guitar with a hole in it, and certainly not an outlaw… not even close.

Can you imagine if he would have stayed this way?

Here’s a comment from “don56texas” from the YouTube that pretty much sums it up:

 ” Willie made the physical transition from the thin black-tie man to Woodstock Willie in 1972. I saw him and Paul English on tour in 1972 dressed in suit and tie much like in this video. In 1973 Willie released The Redheaded Stranger and the change in his appearance was shocking. So, the transition was 1972-1973.”  more here


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