Todd Pritchard: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Check out this excellent guitarist!

Here’s Todd Pritchard- with the famous Wizard of Oz theme “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”

He’s not too far away from me in Philadelphia, and I’m surprised I haven’t heard of him before (it’s always my fault with things like this).

This song, although it sounds simple, is not. Some of the changes are difficult…  but Todd makes them all sound so easy.

On his website ( I noticed that Todd also plays  electric (or maybe he also plays acoustic?). Hard to tell because from what I’m hearing,  he’s awesome at both.  If you also like Todd, give him some likes here.

Here’s his bio:

“Todd Pritchard is known in the Philadelphia region for his unique style of composition, solo and band performances, and successful teaching techniques.

Pritchard utilizes Fingerstyle, Classical, Soul, and Funk to develop a unique guitar style. His degree in Music Education from Rowan University stimulates Pritchard’s tasteful solo guitar arrangements (found on YouTube), which exemplify his virtuosity in melodic harmony, dynamics and looping techniques. His compositions have provided his instrumental quartet, LP Stiles, with an unparalleled, authentic sound and accompanying culture. Each of Pritchard’s performances encapsulates honest passion, dedication to musical acme, and an array of musical expression.” go to Todd’s web site here


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