PETE TOWNSHEND: “Behind Blue Eyes”

Seems like a lot of these classic rock stars eventually pull out an acoustic and do one of those “unplugged tours.”

This of course is Pete Townshend from The Who performing “Behind Blue Eyes,” a song he wrote for his “Lifehouse” Project.


Here’s some more info on the song itself:

“The song starts off with a solo voice singing over an arpeggiated acoustic guitar. A bass guitar and ethereal harmonies are added in later. Eventually, the song breaks out into a full-scale rock anthem when a second theme is introduced near the end – but it ultimately wraps up with a brief reprise of the quieter first theme. Songs written in alternating sections were something of a trademark of Townshend’s writing of the period, going back at least to Tommy, where it was used in “Christmas” and “Go to the Mirror!” The guitar riff at the end of the rock anthem section is also used after the bridge during the song “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, perhaps serving as a link between the two songs when both were intended to be parts of a single rock opera. (There is similar thematic recapitulation in Tommy and Quadrophenia.)

The version of “Behind Blue Eyes” on the original Who’s Next album was the second version the band recorded; the first version was recorded at the Record Plant in New York on 18 March 1971 and features Al Kooper on Hammond Organ.[4] Pete Townshend has also recorded two solo versions of the song. One, the original demo of the song, was featured on the Scoop album. The demo along with a newer recording of the song featuring an orchestral backing was featured in The Lifehouse Chronicles. ” more here


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