Little Brother Eli – Distinctive Sound From This New UK Band

This is the second video that I’m posting by the band Little Brother Eli, a UK band that is now probably my favorite folk/rock band.

In this second video, they’ve added some additional musicians which includes Linus Taylor – slide guitar and Benji Page – shoe box (percussion)

Both of these guys are excellent additions!

One of the things that I’m so impressed with Little Brother Eli is their SOUND…

no not the audio (although I like that too) , the sound (tone) that the band gets.

It’s an elusive thing, kind of like what the Beatles had when they all got together or Led Zeppelin as another example.

Like those classic bands, you can hear a few seconds and know it’s them.

Yea, a lot has to do with the vocals…. Alex Grew just flat out has it.

 But Josh Rigal, whose on acoustic bass guitar this time and guitarist Adam Stover add a dimension that’s very unique. When it’s all combined, it’s that sound thing I was talking about.

Now I didn’t even talk about this song yet…

I can’t find any info (had this problem before on the last post) Whoever wrote it… it’s a hit in my opinion.

Finally, I’m gonna ask you to do me and Little Brother Eli a favor…

Can you share this video with your friends?

If they like folk/rock than I really think they will love this group.


Filmed by Mim Donoghue
Edited by Sam Rigal
Audio mixed by Josh Rigal
Audio mastered by Mike Saminaden


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