Phil Keaggy – Perfect Blend of Talent & Technology

Maybe when you watch this video you are not going to be as impressed as I was-

I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t be however..

this for me is one of the best videos of the year at Acoustic Guitar Videos.

And what blows my mind is I have never heard of Phil Keaggy before..

Shame on me…

I had to watch this video 3 times in a row. I’m blown away.

At first I thought the background guitar stuff was pre-recorded but he’s using a ton of effects including a looper.

It’s probably the most tasteful display of talent and technology that I’ve seen in a long time.

And what about his voice…. awesome.

I’ll be posting more of Phil Keaggy here for sure.

Let me know what you think!

Special thanks go to my friend Dusk Wings who posted this video over at our sister site

If you have a video you want to share, you can do the same!


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