Tommy Emmanuel Plays Billy Joel

Hey… it’s really nice to hear Tommy Emmanuel taking it easy on a song and playing something mellow!

If you are not familiar with Tommy Emmanuel, you should be if you like acoustic guitar.

The reason is simple..

He’s considered the all around best on the guitar by many aficionados and other guitarists in the business.

On this video, Tommy performs a Billy Joel song entitled “And So It Goes”

Yea, it’s not what you’d expect from Tommy….

Afterwards, he is reported to say that  it was the first time he had played that song live.

For some reason, the tone of his guitar is not nearly as good as it normally is (sounds thin and very much plugged in). This performance really in my opinion is not his personal best, but it’s still great by anybodies standards.

Special thanks to my friend Dusk Wings for finding this video and sharing it with us!


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