Jonathan Lane: A Moments Notice

Guitarist Jonathan Lane just released this new video and also did a very cool thing..

He started a percussive guitar site that features all sorts of great guitarists in the style.

You can check it out at

Thanks Jonathan for the great music – A Moments Notice is a cool song!

Here’s Jonathan’s bio in case you missed it here on earlier posts.

Jonathan Lane started banging on his first instrument in Western Mass, U.S.,when he got his first drum kit and began desturbing the neighbors at the bright age of 13. While jamming with friends he played around on their guitars learning a few chords for fun. After teaching himself and playing both instruments more and more Jonathan got his first guitar(a $50 Oscar schmidt). Little by little, guitar began to overtake the majority his practice time as he began writing some singer/songwriter style songs...(and playing drums, in general, isn't as conventional as an acoustic steel string guitar.)Throughout this time up to the present Jonathan Lane has remained stubbornly untaught from any level of lessons, mostly in the hope of being as least commercialized as possible. Serious practice and a strong vision in the right direction began around 18. At this time he was introduced to Michael Hedges' "Arial boundaries," the CandyRat Youtube channel, Erik Mongrain, Kaki King and many many more "awe-some" artists; widening his horizon with brilliant harmonies, percussive tapping, soulful writing, and endless possibilities of sounds that can be arranged into art. These personal muses were the main catalyst to Jonathan's pure love for this style and the beginning of his dabbling into these unique sounds using tapping harmonies, finger style multitasking, and percussive techniques on the guitar to mimic drum rhythms. Some time past when he realized the percussive acoustic riffs were stringing together into his own partial songs...discovering this style of playing really got the writing juices flowing into an exponential curve. It's not easy making instrumental music that people can enjoy but conforming to a general timing/pop style industrialism was not a part of his artistic passion. We do know he writes from the heart, that's for sure... "My only promise I can make is that the music I create comes from a deep, dark place within, determined to eat its way out."-Jonathan Lane. Pushing to harness a new mood and ambiance with each song, Jonathan's foremost goal is to intrigue the viewers mind, captivate their imagination for a long time to come, and spread inspiration and individualism to all corners of this sphere we've made our home. Peace, Love and Harmony to all.


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