Solo Guitar by Mike Dawes – Somebody That I Used To Know

Now here’s a guy that practiced with the click. Mike Dawes – Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye) is a flawlessly performed piece that is listed in youtube saying “No Overdubs.” Do you  believe that? Do I believe that?

Well, you know how youtube videos are, hard sometimes to really tell if what you are watching is indeed the real thing. From what I’m seeing and watching, it looks real, but what a great recording… hum….

The camera work and what we are watching has editing… (excuse me,  we are seeing a few hand held camera shots besides the static tripod which suggests that it may have been shot twice (unless its a 2 camera shoot.) I don’t see any recording mics either.. It’s probably the recording that has no overdubs! (sorry for that).

Either way and to be honest, I don’t care.  Mike is a crazy great solo guitarist that really has a unique style (did you notice the block of wood mounted on the guitar as a percussion instrument)?

The guitar tab for this song is available at Guitar Tabs available at

Mike is also on Facebook or his site and gives Skype personal guitar lessons.


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