Evan Graham – Stratospheric

Here’s Evan Graham with a video of one of his latest compositions entitled ‘Stratospheric.” He says that he had “no outside help for the audio/video this time.”

Well, I think Evan did a marvelous job on both ends of the recording- but what’s really impressive is his performance…. first rate.

And the arrangement- “Stratospheric” is an excellent memorable composition.

I did some digging around and found out that Evan (who originally hails from Dundee, Scotland) has been writing and arraigning for acoustic guitar quite a few years now, but only started recording and uploading compositions to YouTube within the last few months.

Well, as much as I complain about technology, I would never have known of Evan Graham had it not been for YouTube and Facebook. Back when I was his age (I’m guessing he’s in his early 20’s) the only way of getting any publicity was take out ads in magazines, or sending out albums to radio stations. The technology has indeed made it possible to reach a very large audience without the costs.
As an aside, I been receiving a lot of e mails asking “how do I find these new talented guitarists?”  Well the answer is they are finding me by posting their video over at our facebook site. Also, a lot of fans of guitar help over there by posting videos that I would have never found myself.

So if you know of someone that deserves some views (maybe that is you) go ahead and post directly to https://www.facebook.com/AcousticGuitarVideos/.

My main job with both of these sites is to help with publicity for acoustic guitarists. 

Now getting back to Evan Graham… Let’s give this talented player some help with the shares, the likes, the comments!


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