David Gilmour: Wish You Were Here Acoustic

Here’s David Gilmore with “Wish You Were Here- Acoustic…

The video describes this as being live and unplugged. But if you have seen some of the videos here at Acoustic Guitar Videos, you probably have read that I have a little bit of an issue with the term “unplugged,” if the acoustics are indeed plugged in.

Unplugged would be playing without plugging in (obvious) or through a microphone.

Nonetheless, this is an enjoyable video for you Pink Floyd fans that also love acoustic.

Here’s a little bit of David Gilmour’s write-up from Wiki:

“Gilmour was approached in late December 1967 by drummer Nick Mason, who asked if he would be interested in joining Pink Floyd, which he did in January 1968, making Pink Floyd briefly a five-piece band. He filled in for Syd Barrett’s guitar parts when the frontman was unable to take a consistent part in Floyd’s live performances. Syd Barrett “left” the group due to his erratic behaviour—commonly believed to have been caused by excessive use of LSD—when the band chose not to pick Barrett up one night for a gig; and Gilmour by default assumed the role of the band’s lead guitarist. He took over most of the band’s lead vocal duties, with bassist Roger Waters and keyboard player Richard Wright also occasionally singing in Barrett’s stead. However, after the back-to-back successes of The Dark Side of the Moon and then Wish You Were Here, Waters took more control over the band, writing much of Animals and The Wall by himself. Wright was fired during The Wall sessions and the relationship between Gilmour and Waters would further deteriorate during the making of The Wall film and the 1983 Pink Floyd album The Final Cut.

David Gilmour in his early days: By Jean-Pierre Jeannin Permission/ CC-BY-SA

After recording Animals, Gilmour thought that his musical talents were being underused, and channelled his ideas into his self-titled first solo album (1978), which showcases his signature guitar style, as well as underscoring his songwriting skills. A song written during the finishing stages of this album, but too late to be used, was incorporated into another song by Roger Waters, which became “Comfortably Numb” on The Wall.  see more here


Doesn’t it seem like a lot of the famous rock players try to take a turn to acoustic? Take for example Bruce Springstein’s recent tribute to Pete Seeger Band. That of course didn’t last all that long but people like Eric Clapton has had a whole new career with playing the acoustic guitar. I’m thinking that David Gilmour is enjoying the same.


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