Gareth Pearson – Moon-walking On The Guitar

Here’s guitarist Gareth Pearson performing Michael Jackson’s hit “Billie Jean.”

(remember Jackson’s moonwalk? Gareth is so fluid, it’s like he’s moon-walking on the guitar!)

Now it’s obvious that Gareth is one awesome guitarist… but it’s his sense of style and attention to detail that make this a truly special performance.

Okay, I could keep going on and on as to how great this is but, I’m going to go off on a tangent here and talk about Gareth’s record label…

I have to admit that before I started Acoustic Guitar Videos, I never heard of Candyrat Records, a label that specializes in mostly solo acoustic guitar albums. As far as quality, owner Rob Poland only releases music that is nothing less than spectacular.

If you took all the Candyrat label’s CD’s, lined them up in a row, you could put a blindfold on and point to any of them- everything is always great.

This song and others are available of Gareth Pearson’s CD entitled Urban Echoes Vol 1 available on the Amazon link below.


Volume II is now also available :


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