Tommy Emmanuel- Playin’ the Blues

If you go on YouTube and check out Tommy Emmanuel, you will see that there’s probably hundreds of videos on him, all with a lot of views.

You may ask why and the answer is simple- He is perhaps the best all around guitarist on the planet today.

Now I know that statement is arguable, and I know many of you reading here are gonna say that there’s other people that you prefer. But I did say “all around” and let’s just take a look at some of the styles/techniques he does so well:

In this video he does the blues
He plays gypsy
He plays rock
He plays country
He plays jazz
He flatpicks
He fingerpicks
And he’s perhaps the best at playing harmonics on the guitar

Did I leave anything out?  (probably…)

The only style/technique that I have heard him do that I wasn’t so impressed with was BLUEGRASS. Yea, fast notes and everything but not the right feel… suppose though if he worked on it and listened to more bluegrass he might get it.

The thought occurred to me that I could probably devote an entire website to just Tommy Emmanuel, as there’s just so much material on him. Well, we can all at least agree that he’s awesome… But I guess the real question would be, is he over-saturated at this point?



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